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   Here is a list of some services we offer:

  • Traditional Real Estate Transactions

  • Distressed Transaction Assistance

  • Auctions of Real & Personal Property

  • Estate Sales & Liquidations

  • Pre-foreclosure, Tax Deed Foreclosure

  • Live Pre-foreclosure auctions

  • Standard real estate services

  • Surplus recovery assistance

  • Investor Portfolio growth

  • Real Estate Investor's Management & Flippers

  • Tax Certificates

  • Short Sale

  • Traditional Loans

  • First Time Home Buyer Loan

  • Refinance 

  • Hard Money & Non-Traditional Loans

  • Loan Modification... and more!

Traditional & Non-Traditional Real Estate Services

Loan Services

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Traditional and non-traditional loans. From first time home buyers, Selling to upgrade, Buying Investments, Rental income producing units and jumbo loans. To loan modifications, deed in lieu of foreclosure and more.

Traditional real estate services from; Selling, Buying, Renting and Commercial services. To auctions, short sales and investor acquisitions.

Investor Portfolio Growth

Distressed Owners Programs

Live Estate Auction and items

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Investors Portfolio Growth services, from Auction acquisitions, property management and flip renovation management services.

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We are a multi-licensed company able to help distressed owner's loan modify, short-sale, offer relocation assistance and help avoid foreclosure from their records. 


Estate Sale Auctions - Absolute with minor exclusions. The items you inherit are a gift from your loved ones, let us help you liquidate them.


Colonel Auctioneer , Daisy Higgins
Office Hours are by appointment only. Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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