About us

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Our main objective is to assist the public with any and all of their real estate needs, investments and goals. We are a multi-service auction house company that is licensed and regulated by the Florida Auction Associationthe Florida Real Estate Commission and Department of Financial Regulations. With our licenses we are able to consult with distressed owners about the various options they may have with recouping liquid cash through our Auction House.


For our traditional sellers and buyers we are able to pre-approve you on the spot! For our distressed owners we may assist you with a loan modification and short-sale negotiations. We also host Estate Sale Auctions for families that want to sell their entire estate online and during a live auction conducted by Auctioneer Colonel, Daisy Higgins.


Lastly, we have have over 5,000 investors in our immediate network, that will be able to expedite the close and transfer of your assets. Whether it be for a traditional, non traditional loan or real estate transaction. We care about the public and we are here to help. We are licensed and regulated by the State of Florida. Schedule an appointment online today for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We are very busy and we want to help, so do not delay, schedule your appointment today!

Auctioneer Colonel Daisy Higgins is affiliated with the following companies:

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Affluent Estate Properties

Auction House

Helping distressed seller's with their pre-foreclosure matters from, loan modifications, short sales to live pre-foreclosure auctions and surplus recovery assistance.


Atlantic Florida Properties

Senior Real Estate Consultant

Over 15 years of Real Estate experience, for the traditional and non traditional customers. All Florida real estate transactions from Selling, Buying, Leasing , Commercial and investments.

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FSB Mortgage Group

Mortgage Loan Originator

Helping buyer's and seller's with their traditional loans. Loan modifications, refinancing. As well as investment loans and asset based money financing.


PBC Foreclosure Department

Foreclosure Specialist

Honorary Colonel Auctioneer, licensed and regulated through the State of Florida. Licensed to Auction personal and real property.